At RRI, we believe that the most effective and efficient way to make lasting progress on the rights of rural people is to support and respond to rural community organizations and their efforts to advance the well-being of the communities they represent.

We focus on tenure rights because experience and research shows that land tenure and policy reform can lead to improved environmental and economic outcomes and reduce social and political tension, but it requires constructive participation by communities, governments, and the private sector; the thorough analysis of policy options; and inclusive mechanisms for sharing lessons learned.

We analyze and report on global trends in forest tenure and land rights, and help community-level change agents benefit from global experiences by connecting them to government officials, civil-society representatives, and issue experts in different regions. Our 3 outreach areas (divided by issue, global initiative, and region) increase awareness of the importance of tenure reform to sustainable development and amplifying the power of local and national achievements to affect global change.

These outreach areas are divided by: