Global efforts to mitigate and adapt to climate change are increasingly recognizing the benefits of local land management and conservation.

With the push to protect forest carbon storage through Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD), there is a risk that programs and policies may harm forest peoples who, as some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, are likely to feel the effects of climate change first and most severely.


RRI works to ensure that community rights and land tenure issues are prominent in global discussions on forest-based responses is key to any effective and equitable initiative addressing climate change.

Through its past advocacy and analytical work, RRI has made significant contributions towards integrating forest tenure into REDD programs and national strategies and is now looking to ways to combat deforestation and promote security of community forest tenure rights. An essential component of RRI’s work on this issue is to sustain the shift towards tenure-based REDD+ by continuing to provide climate change policy makers with better information about the essential contribution that local tenure rights can make to address the drivers of deforestation.

One tool to deliver the above approach is convening of multinational organizations, government officials, local community leaders and civil society groups at a series of RRI Dialogues focused on Forests, Governance and Climate Change. Organized by RRI and like-minded organizations, these dialogues foster critical reflection and learning on forest governance, the rights of Indigenous Peoples and local communities, and forest tenure in the context of global action to combat climate change, including REDD. This dialogue series has allowed participants to:

  • Understand cross-cutting issues affecting their work
  • Spur creative thinking across sectors in their home countries
  • Identify and foster complimentary actions to help ensure that global initiatives and public policy actions complement each other and enhance the rights and livelihoods of the poor

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