RRI is an institutional innovation in the arena of forests, rights and development.

The coalition strategically focuses on complementing and adding value to existing initiatives, while ensuring that representatives of community and Indigenous Peoples’ organizations play major roles in guidance and governance. Each year, RRI responds to and supports strategic priorities identified by local peoples and their communities.

The impact of RRI’s 13 Partners and 140 plus Collaborators is extensive. The collective RRI “fingerprint” can be seen in the major tenure reforms in Brazil, China, and Indonesia; in stronger tenure advocacy in Nepal, Central America, and West and Central Africa; in greater global awareness of tenure in all things REDD; in enhanced corporate responsibility standards and policy; and in women’s natural resource rights mobilization in Central and West Africa to name a few.

Though there is much to celebrate from the first five years of the Rights and Resources Initiative, we are still 50% short of reaching our global goals of doubling community tenure and halving poverty in forest areas by 2015. The RRI family of institutions remains mindful of the tremendous amount of important work that is still to be done for the world’s forests, and the people and communities that call them home.

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Highlights by Year:
Interactive Map of Our Impact

RRI’s regional Dialogue on extractive industries,

communities, and territorial rights in Bogota, Colombia addressed the boom in the extractive industries in Latin America. The Dialogue brought together NGOs and community leaders…
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RRI engaged forest

land, and mining ministry officials from Central West Africa in a regional dialogue in March on the challenges of coherent land allocation for large-scale agroindustry,…
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In Nepal, key political parties

endorsed community forestry on record in their election manifestoes and platforms due in large part to RRI advocacy, culminating in successful Constituent Assembly election. RRI…
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