RRI is a strategic coalition that goes beyond the traditional set of international development actors to involve a wide spectrum of organizations, each of which provides a critical perspective in the larger chain of actors necessary to advance change.

The 14 RRI Partners and 140 + Collaborator organizations are directly engaged in land and forest policy reforms in close to 20 countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America. Together, we work to encourage greater global commitment and action on pro-poor tenure, policy and market reforms.


The RRI Coalition is formed by a group of core Partners who work in areas of their regional and thematic expertise. Current RRI Partners include the following:


RRI Partners also engage with a wide group of Collaborators who participate in and support RRI activities across the world. A growing list of these Collaborators is below.


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Government of British Columbia

Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Green Development Advocates (GDA)

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No Collaborators

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Ministry of Land Affairs, DRC

Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations, Government of British Columbia, Canada

Ministry of Forests and Wildlife, Cameroon

Ministry of Land Affairs, Democratic Republic of Congo

Ministry of Forestry, Republic of Indonesia

Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation, Nepal

Maliasili Initiatives

Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, LAO

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, LAO

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National Agriculture and Forestry Extension Services (NAFES) of Lao PDR


National Land Management Agency, Lao PDR

National Forest Commission and the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources of the United Mexican States

National Consultancy on Forestry Extension Services and Training (NACO), Gambia

NRM Confederation

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No Collaborators

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Réseau pour la Conservation et la Réhabilitation des Ecosystèmes Forestiers (Réseau CREF)

Réseau Ressources Naturelles (RRN)

Rastriya Dalit Network Nepal

Russian Federal Forest Agency

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Savia Foundation

State Forest Administration of the People's Republic of China

Save My Future Foundation (SAMFU)

Sustainable Development Institute

Sahel Eco



Social Entrepreneurs for Sustainable Development (SESDev)

State Forest Administration of China

Sajogyo Institute

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Tropenbos International

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No Collaborators

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No Collaborators

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